1936 Austin A10 Cabriolet
Hood and lining.
1920s Austin A12 Tourer
Complete Retrim
Here are many of the vehicles we have worked on of this marque. Those shown with a camera icon feature an additional slideshow documenting various stages of the project - click the camera to view.
1935 Austin A12 Tourer
Hood and screens.
Austin A12 Tourers
A lovely pair!
1920s A12 Tourer
New hood.
1920s A12 Tourer
Another retrim.
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Austin A12 pickup
Cab trim.
1937 Austin A10
Kevin's own car!
Austin A12 Tourer
Austin Tickford
Hood and lining.
Austin A16 Saloon
Headlining job.
Austin gallery
Austin 7
Hood and screens.
Austin 7 Ulster Hood
Ulster hood.